Tips for a Fun Family Vacation in the Cayman Islands

TravelTips for a Fun Family Vacation in the Cayman Islands

Tips for a Fun Family Vacation in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are a perfect family vacation destination. The islands are safe, the beaches are amazing, and the locals go out of their way to make sure you have a great experience. After all, tourism is their bread and butter, so they want you to come back soon! Before you start looking at Cayman villas, read on for some tips to make sure your family trip to the Cayman Islands is awesome.

Traveling with kids can be expensive. The more children you have, the more it will cost you in flights and accommodation. The high season is when prices increase, and this runs from December to April. If you travel over Christmas and New Year’s, expect to pay premium prices. The cheapest time to travel is during the summer before hurricane season. In May – July, everything is less expensive and the weather is still lovely. There will be more rain, but showers don’t normally last long and it won’t spoil your vacation.

It is very easy to get around the islands, and there are plenty of transportation options. However, traveling with kids is a lot easier when you have your own vehicle. You can visit different beaches and attractions without loading strollers into buses or taxis. Rental cars also have different license plates than local vehicles, so the islanders recognize when tourists are on the road. You will be driving on the LHS of the road in the Cayman Islands, but you can request an American rental.

Day trips to other islands are available. It’s a short flight between the islands, or a 60-minute ferry ride. For most families, a day trip on the ferry is the most practical option.

Family-Friendly Accommodation

There is a huge selection of accommodations on the Cayman Islands. If you are traveling on a tight budget, look at condominiums and apartments. Otherwise, check out the resort hotels and luxury villas. Many families find villas to be the better option, particularly if they have already stayed in St. Barts villas. The extra space makes it easier to relax and enjoy family time. Hotel rooms are often cramped for a family with two or more children, so look at villas and see how they compare.

Keeping the Kids Safe in the Hot Sun

The beaches on the Cayman Islands are very safe, but make sure you apply plenty of sun protection to keep your little ones safe from UV rays. Babies and toddlers will be better off wearing UV-protection clothing such as all-in-one suits and cover ups. Give them hats to wear and try to find nearby shade if you are out in the sun.

Plan your itinerary in advance so there is something for everyone. Older kids may enjoy learning more about the island’s history, so plan a few visits to local historical attractions, such as Georgetown and The Mission House.

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