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Gregg’s Finally Expands Vegan Sausage Rolls to All 1,950 Locations

Starting on March 8, vegan sausage rolls from British convenience chain Gregg’s will be available at all of its 1,950 locations across the United Kingdom. The chain first debuted the option—which features 96 layers of puff pastry surrounding a Quorn-based vegan sausage—in January at 950 stores to much fanfare. The menu item stirred up a global Twitter storm after television commentator Piers Morgan attacked the new option. “Nobody was waiting for a vegan bloody sausage, you PC-ravaged clowns,” Morgan tweeted in response to the vegan sausage launch. Gregg’s quickly clapped back with the statement, “Oh hello, Piers. We’ve been expecting you,” in response to the well-known vegan critic. The media attention that followed sent customers rushing to try the new vegan option causing many Gregg’s locations to sell out of the vegan sausage roll. Luckily, in conjunction with the nationwide rollout of the popular option, Gregg’s launched a Vegan Sausage Roll locator tool that helps customers track down their new favorite vegan snack.

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